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20lb recoil spring & SS guiderod for LC9

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Not sure if anyone has posted about this upgrade for the LC9 yet, if they did I couldn't find it! I've been looking for reviews/opinions on the Galloway recoil spring and ss guiderod for a few weeks and have found lots of conflicting reviews. From people not liking that the springs are shorter to others saying it made no difference. I decided to order both the 20lb spring (which is now longer, addressing complaints of the spring being shorter than stock) and the stainless guiderod, both parts cost roughly $45 with shipping.

I could not be happier with the results. I highly recommend these upgrades to anyone that carries an lc9. Accuracy is MUCH better, especially on double taps. Completely changes the feel of the gun. Great buy!
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Thanks for the report! I ordered a set and will chime in when I've tested them. Are you using +P rounds or standard pressure?
I have the spring/guiderod combo, as well as the hammer/trigger bar mods, but I did them all at the same time. And I couldn't be happier with it.

All I know is the LC9 went from an OK gun to a GREAT gun - that I love to shoot.
I'll have to look into these mods. I admit I am rather surprised at the recoil that little gun has. still carry it sometimes and comfortable shooting it in SD situations but man your hand is going to get sore around that 100th round. Although I can't be sure yet if that is because of the surprising recoil or that sand paper grip. I should check out new grips as well.
I have the Pachmayr grip on mine. It does seem to absorb some of the recoil, and it's much more comfortable to shoot now.
I actually don't have much issue with the recoil, but the trigger pull length is a bit annoying. I too am rather confused as to what to do. I hear a lot about not modifying a handgun, yet hear that people love there mods.

So, what's the real downside to either of the modifications (beyond the yada yada no warranty claim.)

Seriously, if it is done properly is their any danger of hurting the gun or creating a dangerous situation?

Sorry for the delayed response.. I'm using standard pressure rounds. I have tried +p since installing the upgrades, is say that the recoil using +p now is similar to what it was shooting a standard round pre-upgrades. I stick with the standard because I find my accuracy to me substantially better with them
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