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2A-States laws to limit 10 or more % Alcohol............ parody.. but you will get

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Every year 9,878 Americans are killed in drunken-driving accidents, and 350,000 more are injured (compared to 8,583 Americans who are victims of firearms murders).


.........The time has come to limit access to alcohol, an inherently dangerous substance. That’s why every state lawmaker and voter should support Gov. Martin O’Malley’s farsighted reform initiative, “The Alcohol Safety Act of 2013.”

The governor’s proposal is a reasonable tightening of Maryland’s alcohol beverage laws, which currently fail to protect the public from the dangers of alcohol abuse. Most importantly, this new law will save lives.

The act provides three reform measures as follows:

Prohibit High-Capacity Alcoholic Beverages

Currently, there virtually is no legal limit on the alcohol content of alcoholic beverages sold in Maryland. High-capacity beverages of more than 10 percent alcoholic content serve no positive public or social purpose. Their chief aim is to induce rapid and long-lasting intoxication with all of its associated negative consequences.

O’Malley’s Alcohol Safety Act prohibits the sale, use or possession of any alcoholic beverage with more than a 10 percent........

Gazette.Net: Booze vs. bullets
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Plenty of drunks get wacky on plain old beer. An X% prohibition won't stop much. At best, it'll merely shift buying habits. Sort of like restrictions on criminal acquisition of weaponry.

"Math" is pretty simple, sometimes. If only the liberty-haters would study their "math" more, before coming up with such pie-in-sky, over-the-wall prayers that have no hope of curing things.
When I was stationed in Oklahoma all they allowed was 3.2% ABV beer, really got your exercise running to the restroom. I think North Carolina allows about 7.2% ABV, cannot purchase Utopia beer here. I brew my own and depending on sugar quantity and yeast the ABV may run anywhere between 6.8% to as high as 8.3%.

O’Malley’s crackdown on alcohol abuse has drawn broad public support. A recent Washington Post poll showed 97 percent of Maryland teetotalers and households without alcoholic beverages support the act
They obviously forgot just how well the 18th Amendment worked out.
A recent Washington Post poll showed 97 percent of Maryland teetotalers and households without alcoholic beverages support the act
And they needed a poll to determine that.

Makes one wonder just what percentage of such folks who are "supportive" of such things do so because it ostensibly doesn't affect them, or because they don't imagine liberty is a worthy aspect of living this life.

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