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Hey All.

First real knife review here so be gentle.

Going to start off with a few recent acquisitions of RaidOps. Some may know of South Korean knife maker KiM and his tactical oriented knives and gear. Very hardcore looking and heavy duty to say the least.

We begin with my first piece I bought from KiM directly. The LJ3CLAW. A fixed blade that packs some serious potential in a small package.

The .25" SV30 blade measures all of 2.5" sporting sculpted G10 scales. Beautifully executed. The sculpted styling is carried thru onto the blade itself giving the knife and overall organic look. Its also functional in making the handle very grippy, even when wet.

A great fit in average size hands with a deep choil for the index finger to curl around.

Overall knife is 6" long tip to butt. Kydex sheath comes with a Tek-Lok and can be configured for horizontal or vertical carry. Mega Cobra Lanyard made by Scott over at

Next on the list is my Operator Type #3. This time I purchased thru when I found out Scott imported them into Canada from KiM.

The Operator is a mini chopper styled knife, unique in it's design and style. Not much of a stabber but sharp enuff to shave with, tho I don't recommend it. Trust me... :aargh4:

The knife is secure in the two finger grip. The spine has an aggressive filed section for thumb traction aiding in cutting down force. The Operator slips away snuggly in it's kydex sheath with a kydex belt loop.

My latest RaidOps addition is the Raptor W.

A small little ring knife great for the quick little cutting jobs one might encounter on a daily basis.

This one also came from Gripped with two fingers the Raptor is quite secure during use thanks to the ring.

While cutting the applied pressure from the thumb along the spine will pivot the knife and push the back end of the knife into the palm, the ring acting as the pivot point. This little knife has become a frequent EDC for me now.

Hope you enjoy the reviews. More to come as I expand my RaidOps collection.


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