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I've hated the fact that my KLCR has a much heavier trigger than my past 2 38+Ps.

Also.. the fact that I don't enjoy shooting Magnums out of it at all unless I'm ready for
some punishment to my hands.

Thus, I decided to use 38+P for practice and carry.

I asked Ruger to sell me a 38+P spring a couple weeks ago.

It (Free.. I might add) arrived very quickly and I found some time today to install it.

Using the LCR Manual and a You Tube video (Only showed the upper assembly)
and some trial and error on my part for about 30 minutes.

I'm happy to say that my gun now has a 38+P spring in it and seems to dry fire

I'd say the result is about 3 pounds lighter!

Now I can tighten up my 38 shooting when I go out next.

Thanks Ruger Customer Service!


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Awesome !!! I have had nothing but good experiences with ruger CS....... I have the 38 spcl LCR and I love it. Once I get a suitable holster it may become my EDC. Trying to find a good OWB holster for it. I have the Centerfire laser on mine and I havent found anything to fit it .....yet. I Tinkered and made my own but it was.... interesting.... to say the least lol.
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