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38 Snubby and IWB holster

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I just bought a High Noon brand IWB holster for my Taurus 38 snubby.

starting on my "box of holsters" too.

I read a lot on this forum and learned, it seems, that this is what i'm looking for.
i bought the Split Decision (tuckable w/ cant)
hope this werks for me.
i was torn between 'to cant' or not 'to cant'. i canted.

and i also lost some weight so i have pants and shorts that are an inch or so big on me now so i'm kinda set on that front.

just wanted to say thanks for the help in making this decision.

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Solo - welcome :smile:

Glad you chose some cant - I really do feel it helps, tho IWB ain't for me - never will be. That said, my OWB set up is usually hi-ride belt slide and this keeps things tight in.

Prior to going to SIG for carry it was SP-101 OWB, and my old M85 Taurus snub is now wife's carry.
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