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.38 special SW model 642 airweight (hammerless) is what I'm using to test out different brands of ammo. I never had a .38 prior to this so I'm trying to figure out what works well and how I like different ammo in it. I have at least 5 other brands not showing so I don't have a complete comparison, but thought I'd share what I have for now.
I typically have only been using FMJ stuff save some SJHP stuff for plinking around in the gravel pit. So far zero FTF rounds of any brand (never tried Magtech and I read another post about problems with that...thanks..I'll avoid).

1st up - 50 rounds of BVAC HTM 125 Gr. JHP (not pictured), I think this stuff is made in Montana ? Very powerful punch and loud..I think steel cased and I have no idea if that tends to add to the powerful kick or not..but in anycase it was like $15.xx a box and made my hands hurt after just 5 rounds and I quickly put on a glove. This stuff even though it is a bone shaker to fire did put a smile on my face, however almost felt too powerful and I was happy to finish off a box and move on.

2nd up - 50 rounds of Lawman 158 Gr.+P TMJ, thought I'd be in for an even bigger punch, however to my surprise felt a little less so than the BVAC which wasn't +P but still a strong punch. I found nothing too special about this ammo, worked well but was $20 a box and just didn't turn my wheels, but no problems.

3rd up - 50 rounds of PMC bronze 132 Gr. FMJ, I think it was around $17 a box (can't recall anymore). Softer punch for sure than Lawman or BVAC, and maybe a bit softer to the ears (then again, by this time maybe I was deaf...kidding...ear plugs are my friend). This was sweet to fire, I actually enjoyed this stuff (in fact I just picked up a few more boxes). This ammo had plenty of power but was soft enough to be a good match for my aluminum framed 642...I didn't feel like it was hard on the gun, it felt strong but you just know when you hit a sweet spot and this ammo does just that and recommend for shooting practice.

4th up - Remington (wal-mart) 125 Gr.+P SJHP 100 round box of SJHP. I only got 15 rounds into this box before a downpour of more later on this. So far almost has powerful punch as BVAC..almost...this seemed like a real +P round versus the Lawman. Either that or the HP tip makes for a more powerful punch (pushing more air)..not sure..but it wasn't a fun round to fire so far, but cheap..I think like $31 a box (100)..can't recall.

This weekend I'll try out a few other samples and see how they compare...


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