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The Belleville Shooting Range in Illinois has expanded to the Missouri side of the Miss. River.

The new store is Metro Shooting Supplies at 188 Weldon Parkway in Maryland Heights, Mo., located near the intersection of Interstate 270 and Dorsett Road. From I-270, go east on Dorsett about one block. Metro Shooting Supplies is on the south side of Dorsett, next to J&B Computers. I don't have the phone number, but if you call the range in IL at 314-368-4867, they will give you the new number. (Yes, that's a MO number. It's for MO customers of the IL store.)

They have LOTS of .380, with no limit to the buyer. $27+ per 50, which isn't great, unless it's the only game in town... which some days, it is.

They have a good selection of pistols, EBR's, and shotguns, some holsters, and access to a mother lode of ammo. They've been around since the Clinton days, saw the shortage coming, and prepared.

They've been open about 2 weeks. Not a big store, but they have access within 1 hour of lots more stuff.
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