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I'm assuming you meant FMJ but I still see all sorts of .40 in stock... Gold dots for 1.75 a round... and 1.90 per round for HST's. By the time you include shipping you're looking at a 50 dollar bill for a box of 20 :blink:

SG has Ranger 180gr in 50rd boxes for $37, not great price but not terrible either. I don't mind telling anyone since I already placed my order for that and some PDX-1 .357 Sig.
Yeah but those are bonded. I'm sure you knew that already.

That's about what i payed for my Ranger T's from SG... and if you recall i made a thread and they went from 150 boxes in stock to 0 in less than 8hrs... Now i wish i would've bought one or two more.

Half the people who bought em up probably didn't even own a .40 and put em straight on Gunbrokeme for 2.00 a round lol
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