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.40 wetpack results (no pics)

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I threw together a wetpack test today to compare the following loads:

Golden Saber 165gr Bonded
Golden Saber 165gr (non-bonded)
Gold Dot 165gr
Gold Dot 180gr

Felt recoil (least to worst):
Both Golden Sabers tied. I couldn't tell any difference and they were pretty mild.
180gr Gold Dot
165gr Gold Dot

First test consisted of two shots of each round into wet newspaper.
Shots were placed far enough apart that there was no overlapping of the wound channels.

Here are the results (average):

165gr Golden Saber bonded
Pen = 9.5"
Exp = .66"

165gr Gold Dot
pen = 9.5"
exp = .73"

180gr Gold Dot
pen = 7.5"
exp = .69"

165gr Golded Saber (non-bonded)
pen = 7"
exp = .74"
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I still rate GD's well up the scale. The consistency in my 9mm tests thru R9 showed this well. I'd expect larger cals to perform similarly due to bullet design.

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