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.45 long Colt vs .410 slug

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Winchester makes lever action .410's that will handle Foster-style slugs.

They also make .45 Long Colt versions.

I know that many .410 weapons will also handle .45 Long Colt.

So, what's the difference between a .410 slug and a .45 bullet? What are the advantages of each? Range? Projectile weight?
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tank - never thought of this comparison but I'd say Bud has best idea.

.45LC can, in strong firearms, be loaded to pretty high levels - then too we have the accuracy factor which I think would be lacking from a .410 slug, even if it was marginally heavier. True I imagine - a hot loaded 3" mag .410 will project a slug with good energy but - I'll stick with the metallic cartridge here.

Haven't done a ballistics comparison but I doubt the energy difference would too much apart.... tho at close range I expect the slug might win out.
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