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.45 long Colt vs .410 slug

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Winchester makes lever action .410's that will handle Foster-style slugs.

They also make .45 Long Colt versions.

I know that many .410 weapons will also handle .45 Long Colt.

So, what's the difference between a .410 slug and a .45 bullet? What are the advantages of each? Range? Projectile weight?
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I have 2 .410 single shots, a Charter Arms Snake Charmer and a Harrington . The Snake Charmer has a cylndrical barrel, ie not choked while the H&R is choked. I have fired a long colt .45 in the Snake Charmer but the H&R seems to be choked too much to attempt it . I may be wrong. I have the Bond .410/.45 colt derringer and since the barrel is rifled, it is legal to use the .410 shell in a pistol like that.
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