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460 Rowland Chrono Numbers

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I posted some 10mm data a few days ago, and figured Ill post the 460 Rowland data. The ammo was loaded in about 3 different lots, I cannot differentiate from them, but I do know they all had 12.3 grains of Power Pistol in them (max 12.5 per On a side note, I was having feeding problems so I ended up putting a crimp on the ammo, and polished the feed ramp. Also you gotta give the gun a firm grip to make the gun feed reliably. Its a Glock 21 3rd gen that I converted.

230 gr Hornady xtp
avg 1301 energy 865

230 gr Hornady RN
avg 1288 energy 1847

I have choreographed some ammo that was loaded to the max. I never wrote down the numbers but they were getting between 1330-1350 fps. Either way the gun is surprisingly accurate considering what you are shooting out of a semi auto polymer frame.
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Damn spell check. I wish I had bullets that could dance together
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