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CE - superb score - heck that is awesome! I have never yet tried a modified for .22's but can imagine it'd be real enjoyable. So - that was a '500' as against a '600' or '1500'. Did that cover 25 yds - and barricades?

I have only very recently gotten back into PPC - used to shoot it for years - tho now I am a tad disadvantaged with vision etc. I am again using the same platform as I did all those years ago - a 6" 686. Love it. This replacement one was originally acparmed's and I have managed to refit the old 15 ounce barrel weight I'd made for the original.

It makes for much better aim recovery and in particular - helps me stay more stable laterally when 25 yds, left hand barricade - my left arm is very weak and I need all the help I can get! Sorry your K38 was not doing its best for you - hope it gets satisfactorily ''breathed on''!

Here is my curent PPC 686 - you may have seen pic already.

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