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5 Key Principles of Tactical Readiness

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I happened across this article, thought it was quite informative, and wanted to post for your reading and comments. Make sure you click on the links "within" the article itself....Much good info in my opinion...

5 Key Principles of Tactical Readiness -
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Very good info. What came to the fore front for me was the mindset of a warrior that he made reference to. It can not be said enough...
Excellent article. Thanks for sharing this.
They forgot "Clean Underwear" Mom always said before getting into a gun fight
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They forgot "Clean Underwear" Mom always said before getting into a gun fight
Now that's funny!

Good Linky!!! Thanks to the OP.
Great read! Something that came to mind while reading this was, "What do I do if I lose my gun?" An army friend of mine told me once that people will sometimes be so intent on getting their gun back or getting it to function properly that they will fall victim to the "enemy".
An example of this would be that a person temporarily retreats in order to get their firearm to work instead of advancing on the opponent and engaging in hand to hand combat.
I have planned for this moment if it were to ever happen in my home. If their came a time that I might have to draw my weapon and the weapon becomes inoperable, I would drop the magazine, clear the chamber (if needed), and find a house hold item that could be used as a weapon (lamp, candle stick, fire poker). I have scouted my home for regular items that could be effective weapons. I keep a diagram of potential weapons in the back pages of my mind
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Good read,Top! I just bookmarked & will search the site in more detail later.
Good article and link. I've bookmarked the site for futher readings. Thanks!
Yes it all starts SA with situational awareness.

Speed to aquire gun & get on target, then slow down as you squeeze the trigger. Speed jerking rounds off ain't gonna stop the threat.
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