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6 seconds of condition red, and a thwarted robbery.

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I would have liked to put this somewhere else in the forum but this seemed to be the only place it seemed to fit. LOL!

Two incidents really.

Scenario #1

For about 6 seconds one day this week, I thought I might have to draw on someone. I was leaving one of my customers locations, where it would be illegal for me to carry outside of my vehicle. I had made it to my truck, and was backing up out of an underground loading dock type area. To get into the parking lot, you have to back over a busy sidewalk, unfortunately when doing this, your view is partially blocked by a building on the right. To make things worse, it was near sunset and the sun was at my six making everything behind me a silhouette. I stopped to let a group of people go by, before slowly easing over the sidewalk, giving everyone on either side of me, plenty of time to get out of my way. About halfway over the sidewalk, a figure darts out from behind the building on my right, and disappears behind my truck. I stopped and waited until the person appeared in my left side mirror. There silhouetted was a man, with what appeared to be a pump shotgun to his shoulder. I, slipped my left foot onto the brake and hovered my right foot over the gas, while my right hand was on it's way into my console to get a hold of my carry weapon. (I honestly don't remember doing any of that, but that is where my limbs were when the “situation” was over.)

Even as this was happening, it didn't seem real. My mind was running 100 miles an hour. I was in the process of determining whether to, and how to act, when the guy realized he was standing behind a very big truck with it's backup lights on, and stepped the rest of the way out. That is when I saw that the shotgun, was actually a couple of snow shovels. He had the large end of them over his shoulder and was holding onto the handles with one hand, so that one handles were , one directly under the other. As soon as I saw the rest of the picture the illusion was shattered. I was relieved, but for a few seconds the pucker factor went through the roof. LOL! Even so, I was surprised by how surreal it felt, and how rational I seemed to be. I don’t
It reminds me a great deal of the way I remember feeling when I had a rather rough car wreck a few years back. Much more went through my mind, than I would have thought possible. It seemed to happen in a blink of an eye, but yet I seemed to be stuck in slow motion at the same time.


Scenario #2
Fast forward to tonight.
I came back home around 11:00 from a church event. Whenever possible I bring home a plate of food for my grandparents, who live all of 50 ft away. I usually park in my own drive and walk over to their house. Since it was snowing, late, and me having a lot to carry, I decided to pull right up to their house. Just as I did so, I noticed a car pulled across the end of their driveway, in the shadows. It was a maroon little Mazda that I didn't recognize ,which was around the corner, from where I was going. (kind of a corner lot, in a curve, hard to explain) I flipped on the brights and could see someone moving inside the car.
Right away I got a feeling all was not well. I went to my grandparents’ door and knocked softly as I normally would at that hour. No answer, but the door was locked and all appeared in order. I went back to my truck and put the food back inside, and walked over to the parked car. I put on a friendly face, and asked if they needed a tow. There were two guys inside, and without so much as rolling down the window, they explained loudly that the car had overheated, and they had stopped there to let it cool for a few minutes. I offered them some coolant for their radiator, but they turned that down flat. ..... Ooooookayyy..........

I went back to my truck and wrote down the plate number. As I was about to pull away from the curb, they started up and took off around the corner, which is a dead end street. I decided to wait a few minutes and then see where they went. Before they even got out of sight, they immediately met up with someone in a black blazer, and sat in the middle of the road talking to them for about 30 seconds. the blazer turned around in the street, and headed back up the dead end road. Meanwhile the two guys in the car turned around again and left. I gave them a little room and followed them for a few miles before they realized what was going on, and turned into a subdivision. After that they just floored it, and took off. I didn’t bother to try and keep up.
Their car seemed to be running just fine the last time I saw it. I knew the blazer I had seen earlier was local so I made a little detour on the way home and rolled up on the blazer as the owner was getting out. I got the plate number of that one too and went home.

At this point I knew they were up to something and I had most likely scared them off. After I got home I checked out my grandparents home and the adjoining property thoroughly. Everything was as it should be, but when I was almost home, I noticed some faint footprints in the driveway that runs right up beside my grandparent’s carport. They were almost snowed over, but they led to and from, my utility trailer. There were a bunch of them in the area of the hitch. I am fairly certain that the blazer was about to hook up to my trailer and make off with it. The guys in the car were there as lookouts.

I moved an old beater truck I have and my suburban over completely block the driveway. I would call the police, but it would be useless. In the mean time, I will be keeping my trailer blocked in when not in use.
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Glad nothing serious happened to you, this just goes to show, we all need to be nosey, and keep an eye on which cars do not belong in our neighborhoods.
Glad nothing Bad happened ad Kudos' for keeping your eyes open and being prepared
Keeping a cool head, and listening to your gut paid off. If only more folks acted in such a way. We would all be safer.
nice job, awareness pays off. I would still report the incident to the PD. They may be looking for similar thefts in the area.
What Rocky said, especially since you have the plate numbers.
Good Looking Out

BTW I moved your thread to CCW Tactical Scenarios.
Forum members can learn from your matter if your firearm was ultimately involved or not. Yours could easily have been a Self~Defensive scenario.
Good Thread. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

These days be careful that you're not walking right up into the middle of part of a drug transaction going down & a gun muzzle coming out the car window for you.
Drug dealing sometimes creates some very strong suspicious looking activity that seems to have no other rational or logical explanation.

The drug buyers & the drug sellers obviously don't completely trust one another & they sometimes perform very odd antics & go through elaborate staging procedures to avoid having either the money of the dope ripped off in combination with not getting busted added into the mix.

Be Careful!
Drugs Are Everywhere & even in the small little church going communities. Some very bad people hustle dope in some very nice, quiet, neighborhoods.
I don't really want get into it all this morning but, they may have been in that car with either the dope...or the money & just waiting in the car (a block away) for an (all clear) cell phone call to move on to round 2 & complete a deal.
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Bryan - seems like your alert level is good and well functional. That is how it must be for us all these days.

Interesting your mention re slowing effects during crisis - the time dilation/expansion phenomenon - very real. Drag drivers claim they get this, whereby the five seconds under power expands to seemingly much longer.

This in theory at least works to our advantage as we take in data, process it and make decisions.

I reckon you did good re those cars, licence plates etc - good observational stuff which had it been needed, could be invaluable.

Were those snow shovels pumps or auto's ?? :wink: Haha - J/K :18: I can imagine being psyched out by something similar myself - in particular when you have a low sun to deal with.
I don't know about you'r Scenario #1

But around my crime infested cowtown you'r Scenario #2 could have really turned out bad for you.

First when you just walked up to their window unable to really see inside. Second when you were spotted following them around here we have had thugs just open fire on anyone who trys to follow.

What I think you had was a drug deal going down. This is how they pull off many sales around here.

They make contact by cell phone and meet some place dark and quickly exchange cash for hash.
I would still report the incident to the PD. They may be looking for similar thefts in the area.
Good point. I had been thinking of it as an isolated incident.

QK, thank you, for moving this, I wasn't sure it was "tactical scenarios" material.
As for approaching the car, I know the risks, but I felt relatively safe, in doing it. I am a little to old and fat to be playing hero. LOL!
Here is why. If there is a gaping hole in my logic, please point it out to me....politely please.

#1 I left the truck lights on high, so I could see them a bit better than they could see me. (The windows were not tinted. )

#2 My hand was in my coat pocket resting on “plan b”.
#3 I had just been over to the door of the house which they could not see from their position. For all they knew, I had just mentioned them to the people inside.

As for following them. I left plenty of room between myself and them. Maybe not the smartest thing to do but it did serve to prove they were not just having car trouble. It also made it painfuly obvious that I was on to them. As for my safety, I was in a 1 ton truck, they were in an early 90's mazda. I have no illusions about the truck being bulletproof, but with the distance I kept from them, I doubt there is anyone on here who could make a shot from a handgun, out the window of a moving car, and hit someone else in another moving vehicle a minimum of 200 yards away. Also this all occurred in relatively well lit parts of town. As soon as they took off through some darker subdivisions, I let them be.

Thanks everyone for the good advice about potential drug deals, to tell the truth that never really crossed my mind. I just figured it was someone casing the place. We have had our share of drug busts in this area, but fortunately, to this point, we have had very little drug related violence. Part of me wishes that is what they were up to, because it would probably encourage them to conduct business in less nosey neighborhoods.

Interesting your mention re slowing effects during crisis - the time dilation/expansion phenomenon - very real. Drag drivers claim they get this, whereby the five seconds under power expands to seemingly much longer.
It is interesting indeed. I guess it is part of the fight or flight instinct. I may have to do a little more research on this. I have experienced it before in a car wreck but only realized it later on, when I was trying to tell the police what happened. This time around I caught on, almost before it was over. BTW, I haven’t heard it called time dilation before. That is indeed a very good term for it.

Were those snow shovels pumps or auto's ?? Haha - J/K I can imagine being psyched out by something similar myself - in particular when you have a low sun to deal with.
Hey, I felt foolish enough as it was without you helping. LOL! I left you alone about the socks ,and sandals thing. The least you can do is leave me alone about my snow shovels. :grin:
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Happy Gunner, thanks for the advice. As I said, was thinking anything and everything but interupting a drug deal. I will be more cautious from now on.

This time though I really do think they were after my trailer. since small ones aren't titled in Ky, they do disappear from time to time.
The footprints coming from the general vicinity of the car, and all around the trailer about wraps it up for me.

I figure some punks went to visit the guy with the truck, and saw it. They talked him into using his truck to make off with it. Then went back to serve as lookouts. If I had come home a few minutes later it would have been gone.
Here is a good way I have found to secure a trailer. Buy a extra ball, chop off the threads and shove the ball in the tounge with a pad lock on the latch. You could also chain the trailer to a light pole or something similar. A trailer is way to easy to steal. At least make them work for it and make some noise.
thanks for the tip Brian. I usually keep mine locked, or else keep it blocked in, with another vehicle. I don't really know why I got lazy and slacked off, but I have since remedied my laziness.
How do it get you on my neighborhood watch? Good Job
"quote" How do it get you on my neighborhood watch? Good Job [/quote] Move in next door? LOL! Thanks, but it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. 10 minutes either way and I would be wondering where my trailer went.
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