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Introducing myself as myself.

This is Spanky. Loyal Sidekick to his Elmoreship.

Location: Vanishing farmlands surrounding the thriving metropolis of Boise, ID.

Nice little hidden corner of the Internet ya'll have here. :)

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Welcome Spanky, Yes it is a nice little corner and we like to keep it that way.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

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Hey, Spanky, what kept ya'?

The answer to your questions...

1). No, I don't think so, she's very short. Maybe.

2). It's a rumor. But then, all stereotypes have origins.

3). No. It's library paste.

4). Yes, but not after the bunny in Bambi, I think it's the chrome thing.

5). Bwahaha! Yes! At the drop of a hat!

6). Not only that, but a pancreas, andrenal gland and duodenum.

7). No, no, no. You wrap knife handles in it.

The other members I don't know about, yet. You've heard about 'the ***** in the armor.' It's nothing compared to a 'gumba in your scivvies.' We have a lot of fun here, and I enjoy the dickens out of the place. Yeah, VTF is home, but I come here to relax. You'll like it.

Next report, 1800. If I get there first, I'll make a chalk mark; if you get there first, rub it out.

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Hi Spanky! :smile:

You'll find we're a peaceful, happy bunch here. :banana:

Hey, I've noticed you, Phil, and LK are here. :3some: (There had to be a use for that smilie.)

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Welcome Spanky - settle in and enjoy :smile:
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