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I was looking at 9mm ammo and was amazed at the variety. I didn't see a thread discussing this and just wondered what the differences were. As labeled, there was Luger 9x19, Makarov 9x18, Largo 9x23 and no name 9x21. I assume these are measurements of length. Cabella's had only Makarov the other day :aargh4: but I didn't buy, not knowing if these rounds are interchangeable with 9mm Luger eating gun (XD). Looking for wisdom.
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You forget about Kurtz, which is what the USA calls .380acp, 9X17 is its designate if I remember right. They are all a 9mm, just differnt case designs/lengths. Basically 9mm Luger is 9X19, which is the US standard 9mm. Each can only fire their repective 9mm type, not the others.

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A lot of info on the confusing 9 mm here:
9 mm caliber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and here:
9x19mm Parabellum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

9 mm = .354 inches. Most 9 mm bullets actually measure from .355 to .357 inches in diameter.

A 9 mm diameter x 17 mm long round has many common names.
Among them are:
.380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol)
9 mm Corto
9 mm Kurz
9 mm Browning Short
9 mm Court
9 mm Short
9 mm Kratak
9 mm Scurt
".380 ACP" is the term most commonly used in the U.S., the other terms are used more commonly in Europe and elsewhere.

A 9 mm diameter x 18 mm long round is often called:
9 mm Makarov (actually 9.2 mm or .364 inches)
9 mm Police
9 mm Ultra

A 9 mm diameter x 19 mm long round is often called:
9 mm Parabellum
9 mm Luger
9 mm NATO
This is the most common 9 mm round. When the term "9 mm" is used alone, this is usually the round that is being referred to.
This is the one you want for your XD.

There are also other less common 9 mm rounds:
9 mm x 20 mm (Browning Long)(SR)
9 mm x 21 mm (IMI)
9 mm x 23 mm (Largo)(Steyr)(Bergmann-Bayard)

Other 9 mm bullets:
.357 SIG (9 mm x 29 mm
.38 caliber bullet, as in ".38 Special” (9 mm x 29 mm)
.357 caliber bullet, as in ".357 Magnum” (9 mm x 31 mm)
(Most .357 caliber revolvers will also fire .38 Special rounds.)

There are also other rounds with this same diameter bullet:
.38 S&W (Colt New Police)(Colt Super Police)
.38 Super Auto


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?, I always thought that ACP stood for "Automatic Cocking Pistol".
Nope. C is for Colt.

And, to the OP: You can use 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, and 9x19 your XD...since these are all different names for the same cartridge.

Oh--and other 9mm auto pistols out there: .38ACP (different from .380), .38 Super, 9x23, .357 Sig...oh, there's tons.
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