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I was out doing retention drills today and what better way to finish off a training session than by blasting water jugs?


Rounds tested:

Gold Dot 115gr +P+
Golden Saber Bonded 124gr +P
Cor-Bon 115gr+P
Winchester Ranger SXT 147gr

I shot them into 1gal water jugs that measure 6" front to back.
Rounds were fired from a G17 at 10ft.

The pics show the recovered round with the exit hole from the first jug (left) and the exit hole from the second jug (right)
*The Gold dot shows the ENTRANCE hole from the second jug

Speer Gold dot 115gr+P+
Recovered in second jug,dented back wall of second jug,and dented 3rd jug badly.
Recovered diameter is .94"

Remington Golden Saber Bonded 124gr+P
Recovered in third jug,slightly dented back of third jug.
Recovered diameter is .61"

Cor-Bon 115gr+P+
Recovered in third jug,no dent in back of third jug.
Fragments found in second jug.
Recovered diameter is .54"

Winchester Ranger SXT 147gr
Recovered in fourth jug,back of fourth jug slightly dented.
Recovered diameter is .68"

Here is a pic of all of them together (same order)....

We can clearly see that the recovered diameters do not tell the whole tale.
Look at the fragmentation of the cor-bon and notice how the pieces comprise part of the 'wound channel'
The Ranger mushroomed but you can clearly see that the jacket reached a level of expansion much larger that the recovered diameter.
all of the rounds appear to have fully mushroomed before leaving the first jug except for the Cor-Bon which did fragment there, and the Gold dot which never mushroomed fully.

The Cor-Bon offered the most violent explosion of all rounds,followed by the Gold Dot.
The Golden Saber was visibly less violent,and the Ranger was really mild.

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Nice! VERY NICE! Thank you.:congrats: BTW - you are very good with your camera (too!) :haha:

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I'm a little confused. I'm not quite sure what the round on the extreme left is in the last pic.

I presume that not only would this thing be expanding, but it should be spinning also from the spin imparted by the rifling. Looks bad to me!

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TheHun said:
thanks , i spent an hour and a half at the "box" and also looked at steve's .
mainly because i just buy the winchester 230 FMJ , and since coming here have been concerned about over and under penetrating. i shot a round of speers at a water jug into a dirt hill . i was a little disapointed as they didn't expand as i wanted them to, mostly they filled up with dirt .

from looking at the sites and pics i want the bad guy to hold a water jug next to his bare chest . lol
anyway i'm concerned mostly with most of the JHP (not all some fragmented) overpenetrating , or at least going furthur than the few fmj's tried . also i was dissapointed with how clothing Affected the jhp's mushrooming .
i think i'm just going to have to shoot a bunch more stuff to see for myself what the Effect will be . as for right now i think i'm going to stick with the fmj . as for OP, 'birds of a feather' 'two for one special' .
man i dig this site! and all the info thanks again!!

edit i'm 45 fan but thought this would fit here.
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