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9mm wetpack tests

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*Many of you have already seen these from my posting at GlockTalk and

just thought i'd share them here.
I will be doing more tests in the future and i do have some older ones to post if there is any interest.

All rounds fired from a Glock G17 at 10ft.
Newsprint was seperated and soaked for 3 hours.

Rounds fired were:

Federal HST

Winchester Ranger

Remington Golden saber
9)124gr+p bonded

Winchester Silvertip

Speer Gold Dot
14)124gr (standard)
13)115gr (standard)


Hornady TAP FPD

Wetpack pic:

Bare wetpack results
(click to enlarge)

4 Layer Denim Results
(click to enlarge)

8 Layer Denim
(click to enlarge)
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WOW thank you for that. I noticed was not a 8 layer picture shown for the gold dots? But from what i can tell the gold dots seem to expand and hold their weight the best out of the bunch. I really like that because i carry them in all my handguns.

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JP Thanks MUCH! ~ Very Nicely Accomplished.

What a great THREAD! :congrats::usflag::congrats:
You really put some serious effort into that.
Really great seeing the photographs.

Nice to see that my Gold Dot is still hanging in there with the others.:yup:

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Excellent pictures and report! It was great to see so many self-defense loads compared side by side - I am a very visual person - so the pics are extremely helpful. I've been using the GD 115's - so I like 'em!

Thank you!:congrats: :congrats: :congrats: :congrats: :congrats:

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Good info :smilez:

I didn't see this thread and just posted this pic on your other thread on 40's.

I do still stick to GD's myself - and these tests were out of the short R9 barrel, std pressure ammo too.


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Yep, thanks J.P. I saw your post on GT and printed it out for "further" consideration.

I currently carry GD 124s and was a little disappointed that in the four denim test the bullet(s) couldn't be recovered. The 20" penetration suggests that they either disintegrated or they "plugged", over-penetrated and "left the scene". That's a little troubling.

I gotta agree with you - the 147 gn HST is pretty impressive and consistent in all the tests.
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