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A 12G from hell!

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Just had to pass this on - I mean this awesome - and probably painful too. I calculated ME and both these loads mentioned exceed, wait for it ................... 11,000 ft lbs! :eek:

OK forget 600 Nitro Express - here guys is a BIG slug launcher!!! I snagged this from THR - look at this - I still wonder if it can be for real!!


Visiting here to let folks know about our latest
big wildcat cartridge.First it was developed by Rob,John
and I over on AR big bore forum.It is a long brass case
made from bmg brass that we put a 12ga size rim on.Rob and
John used a Borchardt falling block action and I used a
Savage 210 bolt action shotgun that I put heavy barrel and
and stock on..In testing I got a 730 gr Dixie hard lead slug
out at 2700 fps.Got a 3/4 oz barnes sabot out at 3900.
Here is picture of our case next to a plastic 12ga shell,
which can also be fired in our chambers.Ed.

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:blink: Good God ! you could take down small aircraft with that thing !

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Rob built his on a HUGE falling block,
Dave - I was thinking more of a crew served artillery piece! :wink:

Seriously tho - that bruiser would sure want a heavy platform - I mean the muzzle velocity for such a heavy pill is just awesome!!

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Call me if they decide to put this in a T-C Contender:haha:

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50,184 Posts heavy & how fast do you honestly WANT to move a big chunk of lead?
Not very much fun to shoot I'll betcha.:dead:

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The test gun weighs 25# so - could well be this is like launching a 50 BMG.

The thread on it has had quite a few additions from Ed, re various aspects - go check it out HERE

(Hey Steve - been a while!)

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Here is something further to wet appetites - Ed's latest post on the other thread - heck - 2,000 grain slug! Oh my! Hoping a vid will be forthcoming when weather better.
capacity is 355gr water.
spiggy..we plan on getting pics and video
when good weather gets here.

Antibubba- this even, as big as it is, isn't
ultimate stopper for game, bunch of us are going to
make 2 and 4 bores.I also have 700HE with more
power to test in a couple months, and down
the road the 900HE.Here is pic for
your pleasure, of 4 our bore cases,
with 2000gr bullets, next to 20mm brass we make
them from, and 06 case for comparison.Ed.

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