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A Dummy Plays with his CZ

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Anyway not too long ago I picked up that CZ 75 B at a good deal.

There's nothing about this gun I should particularly like. It's kind of a minimum caliber imho with its 9x19 chambering, I don't like stuffing tiny cartridges into magazines, I don't like semiautos on the whole, and its peculiar methods of carry are, well, peculiar. I don't even like the finish color.

Yet I find myself intrigued by it. The gun seems and feels slim and long, and it is pleasurable to shoot. It's not a custom or anything, but I don't see any machining marks and it's well made. It's very slick and smooth. The initial 200 rounds saw some excellent results. Free hand (unsupported) groups of 10 rounds at rapid fire (basically like you'd probably shoot in the real world), my best was 3" and my worst was 5" at 7 yards and it only opened up to 4" and 6" at 15 yards. That was with some lousy WWB ammo too, which in my experience negatively impacts accuracy.

I keep buying stuff for it. New magazines are on order, and I hopefully have a new to me holster assuming all goes well with the USPS. I think I really want a Kadet Kit instead of taking the plunge on another dedicated .22.

But really it's a weird gun. The reason I say that is that it supports Condition 1 or 2 carry. Leave the hammer down and use it like the XD, or you can cock and lock it. The utility of this is dubious at best yet I am intrigued by its flexibility.

It teaches you a weird habit in a hurry... your hand goes to flick off a safety which may or may not be on, or if you switch to another gun afterwards, may or may not be there!

I have determined I like it because I don't have anything else quite like it in my collection, plus I like the idea that this pistol could help me learn to accept C&L as safe much like my jobs in warehousing helped me (largely) overcome my fear of heights.

Plus, it kind of feels like it's a cross between my carry gun (XD40) and my fun (hand)gun (629). It has the utility of the XD in that it's chambered in a reasonably priced, reasonably effective service round with some interesting accessories available and it's a good size and form factor for personal carry.

Yet like my 629, it seems to have some soul to it, just a little mind you. It doesn't seem as impersonal as the XD40 and it invokes some pride in ownership. It also seems to be an extremely well thought out design built around the 9x19 chambering.

There are people who say the manual decocking makes them nervous and I say poppy cock. I manually decock revolvers all the time and have for years. This is no different nor is it less safe, especially if you observe basic safety rules.

I see what all the fuss is about now and I haven't even done much with it at all. I guess I'm a CZ believer.
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Cant comment on CZ 's in general..

But the Safety thing is now uncommon Hk usp does the same thing and if i rember right you can get a Beretta the same way and other guns

Rember for a guy /gal who carrys a 1911 if you decided to go with a non single action only gun one that splits da/sa and you can lock it cocked and locked just like your 1911.

Then for the Guy or Gal who also carrys say a glock or SX or a Hk in dao only ya get the same thing you can swithc guns with out a whole lot of training difference
As to manual decocking its all what you feel comfortable with

Heck the thumbactvated decockers scare me more than manually doing it
Euc - almost thought part ways thru this was a ''love/hate'' deal - well perhaps it is!

I have zero CZ experience, well, other than my fun CZ-52! But have actually wanted to try out one or two and still may when chance arises. They do have a considerable following so must be pretty OK for many folks. I guess the ''duality'' re condition of carry is potentially quite handy - as long as not confusing. I am now pretty much sticking to DA/SA decocker stuff now and it suits me admirably.

Thx for the write-up tho - as ever your erudite and interesting read. :smile:
CZ makes very nice guns....the CZ-75 is a gem; perhaps their best 9mm.

I'd love to get one, but I keep myself entertained with my CZ-40B and CZ-52.
I have about equivalent ambivalence towards the CZ-75 series. They work, I can hit things with them, but I don't particular like or dislike them. I've never felt the need to buy one, even at prices sub what you paid.

The one thing I'd keep it around for is you never know when you'll want a hi-cap monster for whatever reason - and for what you took it home for, it's worth more as a tool than in what you'll make in profit.
I've been wanting to get something in 9mm and have been considering CZ. They look kinda weird, but so does SIG. Are the CZ's basically a SIG clone? My real problem with most 9's is I have small hands and the double stack mags generally lead to a grip size that's just a shade too big around to be stable and usable. The SIG 226 is a good example of this problem for me. Are the CZ's similar in grip size?
The CZ-75B was the first gun I ever bought myself when I turned 21. I miss that gun to this day and wish I'd never had to sell it. It was the smoothest, most well built, and accurate 9mm I've ever had. I really need to get another one.
I'm a huge CZ fan. My P-01 is just blessed. It points more naturally than my finger... easy to shoot... accurate... and has been totally reliable and all this in a package that is concealable and good looking.
I always favored a Browning HP until I picked up my first CZ back when they first where imported in to the US. When I carried a 1911 it was cocked and locked so it was natrual to carry the CZ in this manner and it just pointed more natural for me then the 1911. They (CZ's) are well built and have the comforting heft of all steel construction which I like. The only thing that bothered me was the communist combat finish applied via rattle can but I fixed that with a bead blast and hard chrome finish that was the cats meow. She is going to look sweet in that new holster!
"Modernized" HP. Well worth keeping.:hand10:
Rob72 said:
"Modernized" HP. Well worth keeping.:hand10:
That's exactly what it reminds me of, and yet not. I'd bet if you were to tear it down the internals of the CZ75B are probably considerably more complicated, that and I doubt the trigger can ever be as good.
blacksan said:
it just pointed more natural for me then the 1911.
:nono: That is unexceptable, you must put the CZ down and go shoot the 1911 more:smile:
Well, you'll just love this one Bruce - I've put my .45 away for a while and have been packing my CZ 75c for a week now. :embarassed:

It's been the "most overlooked" carry gun in my safe because I've always caried a .357 or .45, but it's a great shooter, very ergonomic, built like a tank, and has been extremely reliable. 13+1 rounds of 9mm or 8+1 .45 - both are good if they're aimed in the right place. :yup:

I should break down and get some Hakan grips for it.

There are people who say the manual decocking makes them nervous and I say poppy cock. I manually decock revolvers all the time and have for years. This is no different nor is it less safe, especially if you observe basic safety rules.
I'm used to carrying with no manual safety, so I carry my CZ decocked.
Here it is. Nothing fancy; it's all stock. I'm at least the third owner - my brother was the previous and I traded for it. Whoever had it before him must've dropped it on something hard - there's some small, nasty chips in the finish at the top of the slide.
They look like a good pistol wish i had bought one awhile ago before prices skyrocketed now there more than a glock
They're still not more than a Glock Bud... Academy Sports sells the CZ75B in .40 S&W cheaper than the Glock 19 by about $30 if I remember correctly.

I actually don't think I'd want this platform in .40 S&W though, kinda like how if I had a Glock I'd want one in its original caliber too.
Not here Euc i see people post prices they pay for a Cz and then see prices here and go wow

I can get a glock 17 or 22 for just about 489 after tax cant touch a CZ for under 525$
CZ's and their clones

I have a CZ-40P and a Witness Tactical II (a CZ clone), both in 40 S&W. I think they are both great guns and easily worth much more than they cost new... $290 (believe it or not) for the CZ and $425 for the Witness. I have a laser/light combo on the 40P and it's my bedroom gun. A few weeks ago I ordered a .357 SIG barrel for the 40P from Bar-Sto. When it gets here, all I'll need to do is swap barrels and I'll have two guns instead of one. The only change I made to the TAC II was a nice pair of wood grips, though the hard rubber factory grips aren't bad. If you think 9mm is a bit light, try a 40. :comeandgetsome:
I actually don't mind having guns in 9x19 again. Since I've inherited my father's pistol I am permanently vested in the caliber now.
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