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A few Glocks

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Well my tax return finally came in and decided to drop it on some guns. So I picked up a gen 3 FDE g23, gen4 g21 and, a g30sf. Ive been carrying the 23 most of the time but the 30 might start to get more carry time.

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I'm jealous. I haven't seen a tax refund since Reagan was in office.
Nice pieces!
And, where oh where,:confused: did you find this treasure trove of guns?!
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Local shop in hooksett nh they have everything right now 223ammo g19's and ar's.
Got me drooling here. I am going Glock hunting tomorrow.
Man! You are trusting the government with too much of your money! :). Nice stable. Not a glock fan myself but they are undeniably great guns. That would take me 3 months to get.
Well good Lord. That's quite a haul. I am pretty proficient at smuggling a gun into the house, but I've not had the opportunity to smuggle three.

Like to try it sometime.
Sweet.I only have an lc9.Great for concealment.My funds are limited but i have the gl26 on layaway.Hopefully next week it will be in my hands
Oh my gosh all 3 of your Glocks have cracked frames, how did you not notice this. They look real bad, maybe you should send them to me so you don't hurt yourself by accident :smile:.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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