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What follows is an article from the Star Telegram a Texas newspaper. It was first published in 2002, but I think it is still very relevant. Most of us already understand the issue and agree with the author, but I wanted to share it with you all.

A good time to be armed
by Allan Saxe

I am an unlikely supporter of the National Rifle Association and similar groups. I've not fired a gun in more than 40 years. I dislike hunting intensely and believe all firearms to be symbols of a violent society. But I am also a very practical human being.

I supported the Texas law that allowed concealed handguns. I believe strongly in the literal interpretation of the Second Amendment guaranteeing private ownership of guns. But I also hold that such gun ownership comes with responsibility and consequences for one's actions.

Since Sept. 11, my support of gun ownership has only intensified.

What if the pilots or others on those ill-fated planes had been armed? The thought of a gunfight on a high-altitude plane is frightening, but the mere appearance of armed pilots and passengers might have turned things around.

I have always believed that humans are inherently violent creatures. That gives no comfort to those who hope for human progress and enlightenment. But because of the violent nature of man, we must deter violence by armed means.

Police are armed. There are armed forces to deter aggressors and terrorists. In an extension of this argument, why not an armed citizenry as well?

One situation supports my idea of an armed citizenry.

About 10 years ago, a student told me a very frightening tale. She was driving alone on Interstate 30 late at night. A car with two men came up alongside hers. They began hurling insults at her, motioning her to pull over. She looked straight ahead, trying not to make any face-to-face contact. They continued their insults and tried to run her car off the highway. The mere description of it is frightening.

However, she always carried a gun with her, as she had night classes and also worked evenings as well. She pulled the gun from her purse and held it up so the two harassing men could plainly view it. The convincing way she held the gun and her determined look made the men drive off without any confrontation.

She was convinced that without the gun, the men would have forced her off the highway. By the way, she knew well how to use firearms.

Since then, the issue of terrorism has become front and center for us all.

Why not have everyone who is willing, trained and licensed to carry legal weapons be allowed to do so? I would feel more comfortable in public places if I knew that many people there might be carrying firearms and knew how to use them.

True, terrorists bent on suicide might not be deterred, but they might be stopped before their horror could be unleashed. This has happened frequently in Israel and others places plagued with terrorism. If terrorism were to be unleashed in this country, as some predict and fear, an armed and responsible citizenry would be a helpful addition to the fight.

Citizens have a right to defend their bodies, their property and their liberty. The Constitution guarantees that no person shall be deprived of "life, liberty, or property without due process of the law." Responsible people have the right - perhaps even the obligation - of defending themselves, their families and their property from terrorism, foreign or domestic.

We do not live in a pleasant world. Those who are against firearms unjustly and unfairly believe that depriving people of legal firearms makes us safer. They are wrong!

Please know that gun use and ownership is commensurate with responsibility. If anyone using a firearm harms the innocent, that person should be held accountable, swiftly and surely. I have always believed in gun ownership, but the tragic events of Sept. 11 and the ongoing threat of terrorism have bolstered my long-held beliefs considerably.

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acp - he is indeed, for us - preaching to the choir.

I only wish the likes of the Brady bunch would have the common sense and honesty to see the innate logic within such writings. To me and all of us I'd say - irrefutable.

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Thanks acparmed

Hark!...Is that a glimmer of sunshine that I see peeking out from behind that liberal left wing media cloud!?!
A "ray" of hope for the passive Sheeple?!?
A moonbeam of common sense? :confused:
It cannot be!

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Don't you wish all of those that don't like guns or want to carry would at least support others' rights to do so like Mr. Saxe? I doubt this man is a liberal, just someone that has not had the opportunity to shoot. Maybe someone in the Ft. Worth area should look the guy up and invite him out to the range, he sounds like a good guy....
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