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A great hello

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A great hello,I am Heidi and did get my concealed weapons permit recently.I thought it over for a year and it was this year it gave me a wake up call.It was in January it was a wake up call for me,I needed to learn to defend myself.It was after my ex husband brutally raped and sexually assaulted me in January.Yes,he is prison serving a long sentence for rape and sexual assault.It was the end of June I did take the class and was well worth it.I carry a small easy to carry .45 I inherited from my dad now in my name.Dad passed away a couple months ago and I did get over it,lung cancer from years of smoking took him.
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Welcome to the forum from Maryland , so sorry for all the sorrow hopefully you are working thru it . Godspeed
I am doing great now also seeing a therapist also recovered from a broken right foot and a few broken ribs.Broke my right foot which had to be repaired surgically and kicked me in the chest.Now,I know that I will not end up dead knowing what to do.
Hi Heidi, welcome to the forum from Texas. You have made a wise decision to be responsible for your own safety.

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Howdy from TEXAS, where the west begins. Welcome to the forum.
Glad you could join us. Pull up a chair and sit a spell.

Many fine folk here always willing to share and lend an ear.

from Central Florida!

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Welcome !
I'm sorry the wake up call came as it did !
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Welcome from Chicago. Really glad you decided to be responsible for your own safety and sorry to hear about the loss of your father.
Welcome from Wisconsin! I'm sorry that happened to you, Heidi. Something similar happened to my oldest daughter minus the rape. Her husband put her in the hospital. Now he's her ex-husband.
Hello! Welcome from South East Kansas! :smile:
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Utah. Coming to grips with violence is a sad thing to have to do, but you seem to be working through it well. Be proud of yourself.
Thanks and I was in the hospital recovering as well including at home.My 3 younger sisters and mom including my dad supported me through.It was my sister Amanda whom is a police officer that did talk me into the concealed weapons permit.I do my public service as well,a volunteer fire fighter.
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Hello Heidi and welcome. Sorry to hear of your loss but congrats on your decision to take personal responsibility for your self defense. Practice often and stay safe.
I am getting to the .45 which I carry now,go with my sister Amanda practicing at the gun range she goes to.
Hello Heidi
I am very sorry these things have happened too you!
Stay strong
God bless
And welcome from Cleveland Ohio
Welcome to the site. The BEST to you.
Thank you for joining and enriching our community with your presence, Heidi. Welcome.
A warm Texas welcome to you Heidi. Enjoy your time at, you are among good people here!
Very glad you are making tough choices and rising above all that could bring you and keep you down. You are Definitely making yourself the best person.
May your father's memory be eternal.
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