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A new guy from N.Calif

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Came over from Glocktalk, What a great forum here learing alot.
Everyone happy Holidays and will be seeing you soon.
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Welcome to the Forum, Equalizer. Merry Christmas to you too!
Welcome Equalizer. Make yourself at home.
Glad to have you here
Welcome, and thanks for registering. Enjoy the forums.
Welcome EQ :smile: - tho I think I said it already elsewhere.!

Settle in and enjoy.
Seems like alot are comming from GT??
Once there here we can instill our 1911 ways upon them and maybe they will come to their sences.
Welcome to the forum and Merry Christmas! :smile:
Warm Welcome To The Equalizer

Thanks for registering! :unitedsta
Glad that you decided to join our group!
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