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I wanted to do a short write up on my recent purchase of a Crossbreed SuperTuck holster for my P6 and it accompanying new belt.

In this day and age (gosh, I sound like my Dad), when I see a quality item, I like to tell about it.

I decided to order a SuperTuck after much reading of other people's holster experiences and looking over the Crossbreed website. Their guarantee and customer service have been well hailed by many folks on this and other forums.

On October 9th, I went online, ordered the holster and decided to order a belt also. The web site stated that it may be a few weeks for the belt, and that was about how long everything took to arrive. On Friday October 23rd, the mail arrived and with it a package from Crossbreed. I ripped it open like a kid at Christmas!

The aroma of fine quality leather filled my nostrils and I took both the holster and belt out of the box. First impression was that the belt was very rich looking with very smooth edges and a heavy duty buckle. It is stiff (as it is supposed to be) and it does fit well (after following the ordering instructions on the website). I was worried that I was buying too long of a belt, but it fits just right (sometimes directions are meant to be followed).

The holster at first glance looks almost like something that you would use to ward off an assassination attempt! It was large and very stiff (I opted for the horsehide). My pistol fit perfectly into the kydex with a gentle snap / click. I removed the weapon and put on the holster. It looked stiff and it was. It took some adjustment to get it to the right position. I started at about 4 o'clock and have since moved closer to 3:30. It concealed very easily and the tuckable feature worked very well.

I wore the holster (with weapon) all weekend at home and can really say that it is very comfortable. I have not yet had a chance to try some leather conditioner on it, but will try to do it tonight. I have been wearing it at home (until I can get to the local Sheriff’s office on Thursday to pick up my concealed carry permit), and can’t wait to try it among the sheeple!

All in all I am more than pleased with this holster and I believe that this will work out very well for me. Photos to follow as soon as I can take some!

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