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Mods, I hope this is the right place.

Hey LEOs, I am starting a new SD class for women. Strictly no-weapons, just attack prevention, SA, etc.

I need a soundbite or two from some LEOs. Current or retired.

1. First one is about the importance of having witnesses.
2. Second one is if you have a case where you can omit the identifying details, but tell the tale of a woman who turned the tables on her attacker by FEIGNING COMPLIANCE at first. Like for example, the guy was going to do something horrible against her will, so she pretended like she was ok with it, and as soon as he dropped his guard, she gouged out his eyeballs and ran to safety. And if the perp was prosecuted and is now doing time, so much the better.

If I can quote you and use your name (or just initials), rank, and department or at least the general area where you work (Captain John Doe, New York State) that would be great!

I know it's a lot to ask, but I am really committed to getting this new class off the ground, and this is the final piece I need to complete it.

And yes, all my local LEO friends are too busy teasing me than to actually help out. If only they'd use their powers for good once in a while :)

Anyhow, if you would be willing to share a story, your perspective, or let me quote you, I would be really grateful. Please PM me and I will give you my email at work, and we can go from there. Or post on here if you'd rather.

Thanks in advance!

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