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I have used these pics before but not here - in fact just ''rediscovered'' them. They are of a real old black powder measure I have had since way back when - and it was probably made before my time (that's sayin' something!). Not sure if many folks here shoot or shot much BP - messy but fun - oh the odor! :wink:

I mainly used it when I used to shoot quite a bit with my old Parker Hale Enfield 2 band Musketoon repro ..... pic at end. Yes - it has a slip-on recoil pad!!!

The measure was made by James Dixon & Sons in England and throws from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 drams - (68 - 95 grains). For most shooting - I used a home cast .577 Minnie - of which I'll also post a pic if I find it - two versions actually - the original as cast from Lyman mould and then I modified the insert to make a deeper hollow base, for better obturation. I polished the powder measure a bit for the pics because it was very corroded.

Usually 2 1/2 drams was well enough as a load - and even then with the stock config' - I could still get a bruised cheek. A full load of 3 1/2 drams was a tad brutal - think ''Tyranosaurus Rex'' LOL.

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