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A Sig P229 In 45acp?

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I was reading an old issue of Velocity (Sig Magazine that is no longer published) and was looking at the P245 (I wish they were not discontinued). I know they replaced it with the P220 Carry, but the grip is the same as the full sized P220. To me, the hardest part of the gun to conceal is the grip.

While looking at the gun sizes in the magazine, I noticed that the P229 and the P245 were almost the same size (see below).

Could Sig make some adjustments and then start producing P229s in 45acp? If Kahr can make a small 45, why can't Sig?

Measurement Sig P229 P245
Over All Length 7.10 7.10
Over All Height 5.40 5.00
Over All Width 1.50 1.50
Barrel Length 3.90 3.90
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anything is possible but will they is a different thing
I find grip and slide thickness even harder to conceal. And the 220 is thinner than the 226 and the 229 in the grip. I also find the 220 the most comfortable for me to grip. The 229 and 226 are wider and the controls are harder for me to reach while the 239 have a flat front strap that is a little uncomfortable.
There should still be 245s in the pipeline, buy one quick.
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