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Here is my original Liger belt review:

This post is about the two new belts I purchased from Tim @ Maxpedition – one is a black belt with grey/silver buckle and the other is a dark brown belt with a grey/silver buckle (you can also order each belt with a “black” buckle).

The thing I really like about these two belts is that they are “sharper” looking than my original tan belt. My tan belt looks great in very casual wear – but it is not my favorite for general wear – simply because of the color. I feel it is too light for my needs. I ordered it that way though.

On the other hand - the black and brown belts look great in business casual dress, and as you can see by the pictures below – they also work great when wearing a white shirt and tie or even a suit (in the picture I removed my suit coat so you could see more of the belt).

Black belt - front view

Black belt - side view

Brown belt - front view

Brown belt - side view

The dark brown belt works great when wearing blue jeans, or it also works great with 5.11 pants too (as does the black and tan belt). The black belt is a little too “dressy” for blue jeans (I have never been accused of being real fashion conscious either – it is my wife that told me she liked the brown belt for blue jeans). That in and of itself should speak volumes about how these belts look – my WIFE likes how they look. She usually “tolerates” what I wear – and has never made comments about all my other belts – but she told me that she likes the brown and black Liger belts better than she like ALL my other leather belts. I have since picked my jaw up off the floor! LOL

I wear business casual almost every day – and I find myself wearing the black belt the most while dressed in this fashion, and the brown belt gets the most use when I am a little more “dressed down”.

The amazing thing to me is – I no longer use any of my leather belts now that I have these Liger belts. They are superior in every way compared to leather belts – especially when one is carrying concealed.

An update also – it has been almost six months since I have received my original Liger belt. I have worn it dang near every day since then (until two weeks ago when I got my brown and black belt) – and it looks virtually the same as it did six months ago. There is no scuffing (it seems ALL my leather belts have been “scuffed” in the first six months) – there is NO “rolling” of the belt when subjected to a “load” – there has been no “stretching” – it is an amazing belt.

My tan belt has been “semi-retired” though – as I REALLY like the colors I have now – the dark brown and the black look a lot more “leather-like” than the tan belt does – as not many belts are “light tan”. So the black and brown will get the daily wear – and the tan will get the “additional” wear duties – such as IDPA matches, etc.

If you are in the market for a CCW belt – or just a belt that is nearly indestructible and looks good too – I would suggest you give one of the Liger belts a try – if you are like me – you’ll find that your other belts stay in the closet!


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