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A Terrible N.D. On Nov. 2nd 1894

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This was REALLY SPOOKY! Keep In Mind Today Is Friday.
I went out earlier today & bought a box of old books from a neighbor.
Some date back to the Civil War.
Anyway I had just walked into the house...dinner was ready.
I put my holstered pistol on the side table in the kitchen (we don't have any kids) The table is in the CORNER of the room! and then I washed up...and then decided to flip through one old book while I was eating. I never do that. We we eating EARLY because we had a guest coming over after dinner. That is also very unusual for us. loving wife (who is super~sensitive to smells) tells me to "Get That Moldy Book Off The Table...It Smells Like Mildew" and...then she said: "After we eat take that box of books upstairs & don't forget to take your gun up too...because Walter (our investment advisor) is coming over this evening."
I pick up the book AND...this newspaper clipping fell out.
A Negligent Discharge On Nov. 2nd 1894
Bert Cooper, a Popular Young Man of Bentleysville, Accidently Shot.

On last Friday Bert Cooper, eldest son of Rev. Avla Cooper, pastor of the C.P. Church at Bentleysville, met with a very bad accident which caused his death in a very short time.
Just as the Cooper family was about to sit down to their midday meal Friday, some neighbors came in and in making room for them at the table, young Cooper was removing four guns from a corner of the room, where in some way a Winchester rifle was discharged, the leaded ball entering his temple and in half an hour afterward his life was extinct.
How the gun was discharged cannot be yet learned accurately. Whether the hammer was raised and the trigger was touched in removal, or whether in lifting the gun the hammer was raised far enough to explode the cap on falling, cannot be said.
Bert Cooper was the victim of an accident, for which no blame seems to attach to anyone.
A young life, just merging from youth into manhood, has been suddenly snuffed out and his death has cast a terrible gloom over the whole community.
The sudden and terribly tragic nature of the occurrence made the shock of it almost unendurable for the parents and family. Bert Cooper was aged 21 years, and a very popular man. Sorrow will be felt in many households, as he had many acquaintances and was very well liked.
The funeral services took place at the home of his father at 9:30 Sunday morning. Over four hundred friends of the deceased attended.
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