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Well, after 1 1/2 years of wearing my home made kydex/leather holster (modeled off of Cross Breed Holsters design), mine finally gave in.

I started out with a Cross Breed holster, but since they did not have a holster for my weapon (Baby Eagle full size) I was shipped something close and reformed it. I did not care for the fact that it did not have full barrel coverage, so I educated myself in working with Kydex, ordered a sheet of .060 thick Kydex and made my own.

I work as a field service mechanic for a concrete paving company. 12 hour shifts 5-6 days a week. My day is spent climbing on and off heavy equipment, wiggling in and out of confined areas and crawling around on the ground underneath equipment, trucks, pickups and trailers. The holster and grip is frequently getting bumped, dragged, snagged and lain on. The holster and I are subjected to extreme temperatures from hot engines to dead of winter freezing.

I wear my holster all day every day and compete in IDPA shoots.

Last week, the shell finally started to crack along the side.

If anyone has a doubt about the reliability and longevity of these types of holsters, put them to rest. I doubt anyone here puts their holster through more wear and abuse than I do. These would certainly be a lifetime holster for an office dwelling desk jockey.

Pics to follow.
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