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A typical 20" riot barrel won't reliably

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A typical 20\" riot barrel won\'t reliably

hit the head of a cover-user, with even one lousy 00 buck pellet, beyond about 20m. That\'s pretty short range at which to be helpless against an attacker.
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This is why we see many departments switching to patrol carbines. Shotguns are more than adiquate for indoors where distances are seldom more than handgun ranges, but outdoors where there is a likelyhood of increased distances, the rifle is still king, especially considering most departments use 14-18\" barrels.

Carbines are also excellent for CQB. I live in an apartment in the inner city. The shotgun was my primary go-to gun as no distance was really longer than 20 feet. I have since switched to a .223 carbine as there is less of a risk of overpenetration and it is better at dispatching multiple attackers, a concern in a gang infested area.

Good job pointing this out.
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I think clubsoda22 said it all and is 100% right. I also favor a carbine over a shotgun for about everything.
While a troll, it appears that Meme also doesn\'t understand the duties and projected outcomes of sworn domestic peace officers.

It has never been the objective to kill, only to stop. Sometimes arranging the stop results in a death, but it is never desired.

Maybe a troll wants blood every time his sensibilities are ruffled, but I seek peace. I am comfortable with a law enforcement organization who attempts control as opposed to a quick death.
Dont pay any attn to Gunkid. I think he\'s been banned at just about every gunboard he\'s \"contributed\" to.
Zach S,

Yes, I know he\'s banned.

But the problem when someone tracks mud on your carpeting is to get the carpets cleaned.

I work, sell and socialize with members of law enforcement everyday. When the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club was at its height, fully 1/2 of my close friends were cops. My former next door neighbor is a cop, she had the keys to my home, and permission to enter whenever she deemed her involvment was necessary.

I simply wasn\'t going to let some child using his mom\'s computer make statements as he did. Perhaps when he plays with his \'Star Wars'figurines the cops shoot to kill. But in real life, I break bread with LEOs and never got the idea that death was any objective, at all.
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