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A year-round carry problem has been fixed. :)

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I have not posted much but have gleaned invaluable information from this site.

I carry a classic BHP in a Galco "tuckable" IWB. It works great for the untucked shirt or jacket but the pistol is really too big to tuck effectively.

This has led me to research all of the little autos that seem to be gaining popularity. PM9, R9, CPX-1, KelTec for 9mms and I've even looked at going lower to the .380, .22Mag, etc for "something" that I can just throw in a pocket on those days where I just can't carry the BHP.

I have been looking at the problem in a different light recently and I've found something that really works for me.

I bought a new S&W Airweight 442 5 shot .38 special +P snubbie.

Shot it for the first time last night with some run of the mill lead and some Low Recoil Hydra-Shoks fearing the worst from such a light little gun.

It's wonderful. I had researched and heard stories about blisters on thumbs and such and really didn't know what to expect but am almost dissapointed in the lack of recoil and the lack of practice needed with such a small barrelled beast.

Now I get to call around for some Speer Gold Dot 135 +P JHPs (made for the snubbies from what I hear) and some Remington LSWCHP 158 +Ps to play with. Perhaps I'll get my blisters with those and shoot outside of a 5" group from 10 yards. :image035:

Thanks for listening.

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Yup! Please post his results.

I'll do the same when I can get to it - starting a new job Wednesday next week and life is gonna fall apart for a bit! :danceban:

Perhaps I can throw some pictures up here next week if anyone is interested (although I'm probably the only one on here that didn't know what a 642/442 was!)
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