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I cannot believe it. I just got back from the gun shop/range were I practice with my new Don Hume IWB holster, and cannot find the stupid adapter cord for my digital camera so I can upload pictures. Damn the luck!:aargh4:
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lol..I always keep mine plugged in the USB port in front and hang the other end up where I can see it because I'm always using it.
yep, mines always dangling from the back of the computer - lost my first one by just keeping it in a drawer!
Depending on the type of memory card your camera uses, all of the electronics stores sell adapters to plug the card in to your computer. Just run up to a Best Buy or Office Depot, or the like. You can get something like this for under $7.00.
I agree with Ben - get a card reader and put that into USB port then remove card from camera to upload - usually faster too.
ill have to give that a try. is there any software to upload with them?
If running XP or XP Pro - and SP2 then I'd expect the up to date readers will simply plug in. The OS wikll then ''see'' it and asign the extra drive letters, for the time it is plugged in. It was only IIRC the early ones way back that had installation software.

I have an internal one permanently installed - reads the four main cards and so there are four associated drive letters.

Another small point, although you can get memory sticks easily now - a large capacity flash card can also be useful for data transfer to another PC with card reader.
If you find your cord hanging out with another one, tell it to come home.
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