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AARP - go away

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I had thought I was off the hook - but after some while, another mailing!! Seems returned shredded mail does not always get the message across - so a letter this time, in with the shredded mail!!
AARP membership Center
PO Box 93108
Long Beach CA 90809-9859


To save me time clearing unwanted mail, and you the cost and trouble of sending, please remove me from your mailing list.

It appears that your Company is essentially anti-gun and I will not deal will organizations who would seek to hamper or remove our Second Amendment rights. I am a law abiding senior citizen who has for many years been involved in shooting sports and gun collecting. I also have a permit to carry a firearm lawfully which I consider as my right, as well as satisfying my innate desire to have a means of self defence. The older I get the less fast I can run.

Should my impression of your views on firearms be misconstrued then by all means write me back with proof positive that I am wrong. I could then reassess my appraisal.

Otherwise, I again request that I receive no more mail from you.

Yours sincerely
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I am with you P95Carry, it is shamefull when an organization wants to be in line with the left to fit in at national meetings. It is how they appear at events that is important, not how well do they do their jobs. Oh well sometimes it is ok to just throw things away and not worry about them, more important stuff to do today. See you and did I just hear your bike fall over in the garage???? :smile: Naw!!!!
did I just hear your bike fall over in the garage????
Ouch - you musn't say things like that!!! One of my horrors!

Many years ago - back in the UK ''place" - my then GS1000G developed a flat in rear - and as rear deflated it meant the bike came more and more upright on side-stand - until - crash!!

Hell - not what you wanna see in morning when expecting to get on an intact bike!

Damage was not too bad but - no bike fall happens without some scars!
Hi Chris, it was very stupid of me to jest about such things; I offer my deep humble apology for such a comment. I understand how important bikes are to people. Some years ago we had a BMW 900s Daytona orange with italian pumper carbs. It was a fast bike and very nice to ride, my son was the lucky guy who got to run it around. Lots of stories about that bike I want to tell you!!! Take care and enjoy the weekend on your bike.
Hey - Richard - no offense taken dude - I was hopefully not sounding too serious - or maybe I was! I took your comment in jest! I shoulda added a smilie!

I am pretty thick skinned - or some might say - plain thick! :biggrin:

Hopefully tomorrow if a premature change in weather doesn't spoil it - off with wife for a short and fairly local poker run. :smile:
Oh I know but its good form old boy to let the other guy know you slipped a little so to speak. Dam, bet you got to watch out for wet leafs on the road that sorta thing, enjoy the ride hope its sunny for you.
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