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ACEs HIGH for Your RUGER LCR! SHTF GEAR's ACE-1 Is a Winner!

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I've been a fan of IWB carry for about 3 years or so.
Usually with a custom holster from a well known company that's
excellent for both quality and customer service.
Unlike some of the bigger companies...

They make holsters and other gear specific to your gun or accessory.

Both comfort and durability have been tops during the time I've worn
the IWBs and other products from this specific company for nearly 10 years.

However, and it's a big one.
Since first seeing people post about HYBRID type holsters during the
past couple of years, especially one brand that's the most famous.

My interest/intrigue was raised when I came across the SHTF Gear ACE-1:
(Always Combat Effective) hybrid IWBs on Amazon.

From what I know about this type of holster and what I see on forums
is that a holster is a combination of materials that produces superb

Most people that buy a Hybrid holster really love them!

So I'll try to explain what I know about the concept.

This type of holster usually involves some sort of KYDEX or other man
made material, combined with either cowhide or horsehide.

The holster part (usually kydex) is attached to the body or platform
if you may..with rivets or other hardware.

The use of some kind of anchoring device like CLIPS or LOOPS
that are attached to the holster platform.. rounds out the design.

Like I said, I'm new to Hybrids, but I like what I've come to learn about them.
Yes, I'm also new to the Logan, Utah based company called SHTF GEAR.
They have a very impressive website, and even offer Hyrid holsters for
CZs like the popular CZ P-07 Duty pistols.

Some companies offer an array of options for their Hybrids, the holster for this
review came with several.

Firstly, you have the ACE-1 holster from the box that included the various
accessories as well.

Professionally packaged in a plastic bag with an American flag decal as an added touch.

The ACE-1 Ruger KLCR .357 Magnum revolver holster in black kydex with the
black leather platform ( they have to forgive me for using that term) that uses black
metal clips. The kydex holster or should I say "shell" secured with what appear to be
very sturdy rivets.

SHTF GEAR uses KEVLAR stiching on their holsters. Something unique in the holster
world, and like the white box the holster is shipped in that features the SHTF GEAR logo
stamped on it, shows the professionalism of this company.

Other features of the ACE-1 holster include:

Durable Kevlar and Rivet Construction
Premium Leather
Kydex (formed to your gun model)

Full shooting grip BEFORE you draw the weapon (at no extra charge for this like other companies)
This SHTF Gear is Tuckable
They offer a Lifetime Warranty
30 Day Guarantee
Free Replacement clips for life

I also like the idea that the holster has an open bottom for any debris to fall through.

Like I said, very professional in all aspects that screams quality,..from the moment that
box arrives on your doorstep!

In looking at the ACE-1 holster in this review for my Ruger KLCR .357.

I'm glad it came with the extra clips (in brown) and the belt loops as well...
as I usually wear brown or tan/natural gun gear in the warmer months.

This holster with the brown loops seemed to go nicely with my coyote brown
511 tactical belt.

I'll have to say that now after one week of carry on a daily basis with this product .

That it's the most Comfortable IWB holster I've ever used!

Gripping the KLCR or any other Snubbie is harder to do with a IWB holster rather
than a tradtional OWB design, but the ACE-1 holster has a generous "combat cut"
to allow a full grip when you draw.

Your body is protected by the generous Sweat Shield that's found on most holsters these
days. This one has the SHTF GEAR fan logo on it.

My KLCR slides easily into the holster, but the I'm getting good retention during my activites, with a lightning fast draw if needed.

There are also No Signs.. of any wear or scratching on my gun or its cylinder with this great
Kydex based Hybrid holster.

Rear of holster:

As I've shown you what the front looks like, some of you might want to know what the rear looks
like as well.
The rear or the holster platform shows the Kevlar stiching and the 4 holes for the clips or loops where you can adjust the height if needed.

This is semi-rigid and does conform to your waistband very easily when the holster
in worn.
Unlike some IWB holsters that I've worn in the past.. this one doesn't dig into your
waistline or into your bones as some have done with me.

Highly comfortable, with great concealability and retention, make this Hybrid a real winner
in my book!

The owner of SHTF GEAR, Clay Moultrie, ( [email protected]) and crew offer what I think is a well thought out and accomplished piece of gear.

They offer a wide array of holster in their ACE-1 series, plus the extra accessories and even

You can purchase the holsters through Amazon, or on the SHTF GEAR website-and even get
a $10 discount.

I'm so impressed..
I'd even buy a CZ 2075 RAMI holster from SHTF GEAR is they offer one in the near future!

For more information.

Holster Invoice:

SHTF Gear LLC Ruger LCR .357 Mag Hybrid IWB Holster, SHTF Gear ACE-1: Sports & Outdoors
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