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Active Managment of Aggressive Threats

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Course Title: Active Managment of Aggressive Threats

Dates: 20 - 23 October 2005

Location: Shelton, CT. / Wolcott, CT.

For Additional Information: [email protected]

Registration Deadline: 15 September 2005

Based upon the principles outlined within the new book entitled: “Welcome to the Real World, A Dangerous Place to be Caught Unprepared!” by Bryan Scott Williams.

The focus of this program is on what is commonly referred to as “CQB” (Close Quarters Battle) or “Close In Fighting”. This program is designed to provide the regular citizen with a variety of countermeasures for use against any hostile threat encountered including terrorist threats which are presented within a close proximity to the victim such as would be encountered within a hostage situation, mass shooting or similar attack scenario. This program however is NOT intended to train the average person to go out and seek terrorists to engage, but rather to provide an insight into the mindset, motivation and techniques which would likely be encountered within such an attack, and provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to engage this type of threat with the increased likelihood of success.

Some of the core components of this course include:

Day 01

Ø Development of situational awareness skills
Ø Development of the personal combat mindset
Ø Recognition and Understanding the threat posed by terrorists
Ø Motivations and Methods used within terrorist Attacks
Ø Understanding the basics of human anatomy
Ø Utilization of the handgun as a primary weapon system

Day 02 - 03

Ø Drawing from the holster (Standard & Concealed)
Ø Controlled pairs & Hammers
Ø Reloads & Stoppage clearing (One & Two handed)
Ø Transitioning to a secondary or back-up weapon
Ø Cover & Concealment
Ø Deployment from the seated & alternate positions
Ø One hand shooting (Master & Support)
Ø The laser rule
Ø Tactical movement
Ø Hallway, Stairway and Doorway management
Ø Shooting on the move
Ø Engagement of Multiple Targets
Ø Force on Force Scenarios(**)

Day 04

Ø Basic hand – to – hand combat techniques
Ø Emergency First Aid

Upon successful completion of this program, the participant will be provided with a certificate of completion.

The duration of this course is 40 hours (4 – 10hr days), and requires 800 rnds / 100 rnds of ammunition. The total cost of this program is $350.00 plus ammunition per person.

Note: A full equipment requirement list will be provided with registration confirmation.

Be Safe

Bryan S. Williams
Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC

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