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Active Shooter Training: I'm signed up and waiting for Friday.

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So my work place is sponsoring or having an active shooter training this Friday morning. It's based mostly on the concept of Run, Hide, Fight as promoted in this video (if I can figure out how to post it).

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English - YouTube

I advocate this strategy even though I cc at work. In such a scenario, I view my primary responsibility to be ensuring that I get home to my family and survive in order to be a good father to my four kids. I'm not a cop and don't have the necessary training to sweep/clear/actively engage. Now, if I was able to employ my weapon with the high probability of ending the horror, I would do that without question.

Then I got this email this morning.

To Those attending the Active Shooter Training for the 10:30am session:

Thank you for taking time to attend the upcoming Active Shooter exercise scheduled for Friday, June 14th at the _________. You are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the mini-skill stations 10:15am at the main, south, entrance to the building. For safety and security reasons you will be registered, given a colored wrist band and checked for any type of weapon before entering the building. For this to be a great experience, it is required that you comply with the following exercise ground rules:

1. It is a must to show up on time. No late comers will be allowed in. They would have to wait until the next session starts.
2. There will be 3 mini-skill stations. Each of them are located on separate floors. When you transition to the next mini-skill station, be prompt in doing so. There will be staff and directional placards to help you get to your next station. You will only be given 5 minutes. It can be done in 2 minutes or less.
3. These are closed sessions, which means no pictures or video are allowed at any time. We will have Dixie State University videographers as well as a DRMC photographer. The video and pictures will be shared later.
4. Do not bring any backpacks, carrying cases, purses, etc. It will only delay the check-in. Just bring you, please.

Please note that you will be given the opportunity to put into action either “Run, Hide and/or Fight (simulate)” during these mini-skill stations. There will be local PD officers firing blank ammunition on each of the floors to provide that realism of an active shooter.

Because of the large number of people involved from ____ only _____ members from ______ have been invited to attend the full scale exercise at 1:00 pm. We will be filming the exercise and will show it to everyone at _____ when it has been edited. It is our hope that you will find this training valuable.

i. Lane locations:
a. Lane 1: Run
b. Lane 2: Hide
c. Lane 3: Fight
ii. Lane Cycles:
a. Timeline:
i. 10:30-10:35am - Lane 1: Run: educate
ii. 10:35-108:40am - execute drill
iii. 10:40-10:45am - hot wash/evaluation
iv. 10:45-10:50am - move to next lane

v. 10:50-10:55am - Lane 2: Hide: educate
vi. 10:55-11:00am - execute drill
vii. 11:00-11:05am - hot wash/evaluation
viii. 11:05-11:10am - move to next lane

ix. 11:10-11:15am - Lane 3: Fight: educate
x. 11:15-11:20am - execute drill
xi. 11:20-11:25am - hot wash/evaluation
xii. 11:25am - Finish

iii. Class size for each lane: 15
a. DSU: 5 (Total of 15 for each hour)
b. DRMC: 10

iv. Please watch the video at this website prior to attending the training. The officers giving the hands on training will not have time to cover all of the materials, and this website video will cover additional information. RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English - YouTube

Ok, now the shyte just got real. The post a few weeks ago about the public school who hired officers dressed in tactical gear to burst in without warning and begin shooting did run through my mind. I hadn't planned on carrying for this reason, in case this devolved into that. But I'm glad to know that no one else will be carrying either. It should be interesting to hear simulated gun fire outside the context of the gun range. I'm excited for the training, but I gotta admit that now I'm a bit nervous too.
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More tools in the tool box. Good luck.

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Practice like you "play." Give 'em hell!

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Holy Hanna, that was intense. I'll write more later as I'm heading out the door to Vegas right now. But me say briefly: I was going to buy another pistol soon (I already have a Beretta Nano for ccw), but after today I think my money might be better spent on more training.
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