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This DID NOT Happen To Me.
It is an actual post taken from another forum.
It's pretty much "word for word"
Except that I Spell Checked it prior to posting it here.
Feel Free To Chime In On It.
All Comments & Opinions Are WELCOME!

I would like to here some opinions on a situation I recently encountered. If you have a moment please read.

I work a second job part-time for a Detroit area utility provider. My primary responsibility is to disconnect residential service for non-payment in the city of Detroit. This duty puts me in the alley's and back yards of some very tough 'hoods working on utility poles. Aside from having people yell "hey white boy", and occasionally dealing with a pissed customer whose service I just shut off... It's not a bad job for the extra money.

Now to the point, I had just finished a job in a very narrow overgrown alley, and was sitting in my truck (running) filling out the paperwork (this paperwork takes me all of 10 seconds) when a black male approx, 20 yrs old 5'11"/200lb. appeared at my open drivers side window. He had on a large down filled jacket, and had both hands in the large front pockets of his jacket. Startled, I made eye contact with him and he started yelling "Who the f**k is you?"..."What you doin' behind my boyz house?". I cautiously pointed to my ID badge on my jacket and explained that I was working on the pole right behind my truck. I then reached for the gear shifter. The bad guy responded by removing his left hand from his pocket, grabbing my jacket, and making some gestures with his right arm that I can only describe as "false draws". In other words he implied he had a weapon in his right pocket without presenting it. He then let go of my jacket and told me to "get the f**k on" (which in English means I could leave now) so I left.

Now I have my doubts as to whether or not this guy had a weapon or not, but if he did it could have been my a$$.
I happened to be unarmed when this incident occurred but I don't think it would have done me much good anyway because I let this guy get the drop on me This did raise the question though...If I had my gun could I draw (and not fire) in anticipation of what this guy MAY have in his hand?

Also, I know some of you are dying to tell me all the things I did wrong. Please remember that I am out there to make money, not display tactics. Try to be constructive in your reply.

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Ill Respond sure he could have drawn and fired..

Good Shoot ? Maybe But Probley not . He had a bigger weapon the truck.

As a repair man i will tell you a coulple simple thing he did wrong here

Always back in if you can easyer to run in drive than reverse.. Any time you are in the Van/Truck and its running (which is anytime im in mine) The Van/truck will be in Drive get grabbed let off brake floor it ..

Those are 2 simple things soem of my coworkers dont get .. One of them does after being mugged with a 12 gauge stuck in his face, in the park.. He told me he made one mistake he was pulled in nose first no where to run .

Granted he could have been scared for his life post didnt sound like it i know all about being in the back alleys in detroit, The little tiny ones all over grown where you apt to find a Dead body as much as anything else...

Brave dude to be climbing the telephone poles they like to shoot at the repair men every now and then .

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I sure do not envy the guy that type of work - not popular with the folks he is disconnecting and being up a darned pole ain't exactly the best place for concealment!!!

This ties in a bit with my recent thread, regarding the assessment of other party having a run or not - despite any given visual or verbal threat to that effect. If no gun in plain view - it is conjecture. That said there could be every reason to believe there could be - enough to warrant a possible defensive response.

Bud's mention of never having to try and escape in reverse is very valid indeed - even in parking lots I prefer to back in, so as to permit an exit in drive.

Well, he says he was unarmed - luckily not his day to discover the error of his decision. Most important tho, it seems - he was inadequate in his awareness.

I can accept he has to fill in some paperwork but, both before doing so and during (even if a short excercize) - the scan/sweep of area including vehicle mirrors would seem to be a must - enough perhaps to have seen this guy approaching and have a valuable second or two to be able to plan.

I am also thinking as they conversed - the window may have been down and if so that is a bad start. Of course yeah - so easy to pick this to pieces sitting secure in my cosy warm office but - to have gotten things way better it would appear -

1) Better alertness to have seen guy approaching.
2) Window up.
3) Door locked (may have been).
4) Vehicle running and ready to go.

Thus possibly this could have ended with a very fast disappearance - which might have been safest and best.

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QKShooter said:
This DID NOT Happen To Me.
This did raise the question though...If I had my gun could I draw (and not fire) in anticipation of what this guy MAY have in his hand?
If he felt his life was in danger he would have been justified. You don't have to see a gun, by the time you do the BG is ahead of you and it may be too late.

Read an article where PO's often shoot people "going for a gun", but it's become part of the street culture to act like you have one even if you don't... so you (the GG) can't take the chance.

As for not being out there to display tactics, I'm not sure what his point was. Did he mean that since he is engaged in earning money he has to remain at condition white? In any case, with the BG so close to the vehicle he probably could have drawn (had he been armed) and fired retention-style and the BG wouldn't even have known.
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