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There It Is - Real Life Folks - The Real Deal

The Genuine "Save Your Precious Arse" Scenario.

And here (below) are the Important Highlights from his story.
Gee...who have you heard all that from before on this forum?

From the time that the Robber walked in and pulled his gun, to the point where he was lying on the pavement was 13 seconds.
The shooting portion from when my gun cleared the holster to him on the ground was under 3 seconds.

I now know that I don't want any type of retention strap on my firearm. I had one during this incident and realize had I not had the other desk clerk there to conceal my actions of drawing, I don't think I would have been quick enough.

In my opinion, just pay the money to get a good holster.

Also, I know for sure that an ankle rig would have been almost useless.

I used muscle memory and point shooting.

More than likely you will never use your sights. It will all be point shooting.

Thanks for posting this story High Altitude. Nice Find! Good Show! :usflag:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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