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Advanced Handgun July 16th Northville Michigan

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Handgun Tactics and Force on Force

We are putting on a 8 hour class on July 16th. Starts 8:00am. You will need:
700 rounds of ammo
Strong side holster,no cross draw or shoulder holster
at least 3 mags,double mag carrier is a must
Safety equipment (eyes and ears)
Fully functional defensive pistol
Good foot wear
A good lunch and plenty of water

Dry Fire quick draw
Live Fire Quick Draw
Live fire quick draw point shooting
Instinctive shooting
Speed Reload multiple methods
Multiple targets
Moving Multiple Targets
Room clearing Practice/hostage practice
Low light Shooting (very Dark)
Close combat techniques, point blank
Learn how to shoot from a car
Engage targets from the ground
Flashlight Tactics
Shoot Don't shoot

Cost will be $125 for a full day of training. You will not be out in the sun baking away. You will be indoors. So leave the sun screen at home.Being indoors also allows us to train in the dark.

Now, also included in the cost of the class.

You will walk away with a training aid. Your very own UHC Air Soft pistol. These are high quality spring guns.

If you already have a Air Soft pistol, and you bring it with you for training.

You may choose instead a
Shooting bag.
Actually the smaller one in the picture.

Shooting glasses, tinted.

Please email me for info, deposits are required two weeks in advance. Limited space. this will be a fast paced training course. You will earn your certificate.
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class is 1/3 full.

For got to mention.You better bring a mag loader or a good friend. Your thumb will get sore.
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