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Handgun Tactics and Force on Force

Class Requirements:
You must have taken The Personal Protection NRA course.

We are putting on a 8 hour class on Sept. 17th. Starts 8:00am. You will need:
Strong side holster,no cross draw or shoulder holster
at least 3 mags,double mag carrier is a must
Safety equipment (eyes and ears)
Fully functional defensive pistol (plus a backup if you wish)
Good foot wear
A good lunch and plenty of water

Dry Fire quick draw
Live Fire Quick Draw
Live fire quick draw point shooting
Instinctive shooting
Speed Reload multiple methods
Multiple targets
Moving Multiple Targets
Room clearing Practice/hostage practice
Low light Shooting (very Dark)
Close combat techniques, point blank
Learn how to shoot from a car
Engage targets from the ground
Flashlight Tactics
Shoot Don't shoot

If you have mags that hold around 10 rounds, you'll need 700 rounds
If you have a gun that holds 15 or more,800 rounds or more
FMJ ammo only/no reloads

A airsoft pistol is required for the class. We are providing a pistol for you to keep.

Safety Equipment:
Eye and ear protection is required
A heavey shirt and form fitted gloves, not required

$125 for the day,includes airsoft pistol
$105 for the day for prior students who bring their issued airsoft gun.Price is minus our dealer cost for the gun.

Please note:
It is advised that the holster you wear is an outside the pants holster. Your gun will get VERY hot.Thus burning your hip if its up against your skin. Make you lube your firearm before getting to the range.

Stundents must prepay to hold the spot. Minimum payment is $75. This can be a check,however. The remainder is to be cash. If you need a holster or mag carrier. Let us know and we can have it ready for you to purchase at the range.

Any questions:
[email protected]
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