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Advantages of s&w model 625 over model 1917

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Greetings everyone,

I have a question about a piece for carrying. I own a model 1917 (brazil contract), and really like it. With a 3" barrel, I think it would make a great carry piece (I like revolvers and the 45 acp cartridge). My question is, is there any advantage of the model 625 over the model 1917? I know a 3" version of the 625 exists, eventually I'm sure I could find one. Other than the heavier barrel on the 625, are the two guns essentially the same? If not, what improvements were made on the 625? Thanks for your time!

Peter Maenner
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+ one on the 625...
I have an original US 1917 that has been reblued :eek:( but it's just a safe piece, I dont want to risk damage to it any further.... My favorite scene in Legends of the Fall is when Tristan kills the German machine gunners with his issued 1917....
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