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first 45

Well I agree with Bumper. If I could only have one pistol it would be a 1911. I've carried a1911 for probably 37 years and I am difinitely no giant. Here is my list options:
Nothing shorter than a 4 inch barrel
Slimline stocks from Slimtech or Alumnagrip
If your fingers are short or you have stocky hands use
a short trigger.
Tuned internal extractor
No firing pin safety
Good beavertail
Bevel mag well
Flat mainspring housing
Sharp edges removed
and the most important things:
Good high visible sights (night sights)
A manageable trigger (4 lbs w/ no creep)
100% reliability and
Good quality magazines
Pre series ll Kimbers were good
Springfields are not bad, but unless you get one of the custom pistols they're a little rough. While I like all the retro-look guns in the old days the first thing we did was cutomise it to work better. Well Preacher I've said my piece and I will add a quote from an old Bible thumping friend "If you need to dispatch a bad guy you want to do it righteously". There is a lot of 1911 experience in this forum. I just finished a P.O.S.T. Instructor's certification class and my instructor didn't care for the ancient 1911, however it went through the class without a hitch and thats more than I can say for a broken Beretta and a couple of broken Glocks. My best advice is buy the best you can and practice. Some people are more comfortable with a wheelgun and maybe thats what they should stay with. "If you will do the gun will do." And yes a good quality 1911 will cost you more - whats your life worth!

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45 gap

I talked to Louis Awerback about the 45 GAP and I kind of agree. First let me say in the case of combat tupperware I think its a good idea. The 40 S&W is showing that it is really tuff on guns, and the 45s are too big for most people to use comfortably. The jury is still out on this cartridge, but I think it will come around. Bad thing is you can't take that old 45 case and trim it to work. Its completely different. If you have a 1911 design you don't gain anything because you can use the 45 ACP and have 90 trillion cases available for reloading. It will be another proprietory round that you'll have to buy factory ammo for. If police departments pick it up and issue it it'll go. I think it is a great round for smaller statured officers and civilians because of the 45 power and the smaller grip frame. I understand that a lot of departments are getting away from the 40 because of wear and tear on the guns too high on the pressure scale. We are still looking for something to fill the gap (no pun intended).
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