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Alaska/Wisconsin Conditional Reciprocity - Other Info

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The Wisconsin AG has announced Conditional Reciprocity with Alaska. Wisconsin requires certain background checks be run on applicants in the states they honor. Alaska Permit/Licenses issued/renewed on or after 1/14/13 are valid in Wisconsin. Wisconsin did the same thing with WV awhile back and they also will honor the VA Non-Resident Permit but not the Virginia Resident Permit because of the different background checks VA runs on Resident vs Non-Resident. The WI AG has it listed on his website as such: Reciprocity | Wisconsin Department of Justice :: Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen
As of this post the AK DPS has not posted info on this change in reciprocity.
Reciprocity - Alaska Concealed Handgun Permits is gathering information on Open Carry Laws in the different states. I have made a couple posts on different forums asking for feedback. I want to thank those who have given me great feedback on the subject. Each states page will have a section on Open Carry. It will not be in-depth as our Concealed Carry info is but will give the main points and mainly point people in the right direction to find out more information on the subject. I believe I have all the information I need at this time. This new section will appear on each states page in late April or Early May. has decided to add this info on Open Carry to each states page because of the email volume asking about or why we don’t have this info available.

Many changes are in store for us who carry firearms. Some are already law with more to come with the number of bills that have been introduced in many states. Many are not in our favor but some are. would appreciate a heads up on bills that have passed both houses in a states legislature or have been signed by the Governor. With all these new bills it is difficult to keep up on all of them. will be updated Friday evening (3/29/13) with the above change in reciprocity and other changes that have happened in the last week.