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I did something today I really didn't think I would ever do.:aargh4:

I bought a Colt double action revolver. Here's why: It's an old (1949) Detective Special someone altered to Fitz configuration. Probably used by a cop in the greater Los Angeles area in the '50s or '60s. The plastic grips are original, and there's a chip in a lower corner from effecting a less than lethal arrest or simply dropping it.

It's a nice bit of history; fits in with my fedora, unfiltered cigarettes, scotch and setting up on long winter nights contemplating my misdeeds...

Also - not directly related - I bought a couple cheap holsters. One Bucheimer 'Federal Man' and on Safety Speed concealment rigs which fit either the Dick Special or a Chief Special. They all go into my 'historical fighting hand guns' collection.

Pictures when available.
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