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Click HERE To Go To The Ammo Basics Page.
This is a link to a Minnesota web site but, it's a nice little illustrated page for our New Shooter Forum Members.
It shows most popular handgun cartridges & bullets side by side.
Some decent basic handgun ammo info.
Looks like there might be some other interesting pages on this site though I don't have time to look right now. (CHECK OUT THE PAGE LINK SUBJECTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE AMMO PAGE ONCE YOU GO TO THE WEB SITE) Stay Safe.

.22 25acp 32auto ~ 380 9mm 38spl ~ 357mag 40sw 45acp ~ 41mag 44mag 45colt

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Nice pics there QK - I'd love to add to right side of main pic, the .454, the 45-70 and of course, 500 Smith!

Some folks don't regard the 45-70 as handgun ammo of course - but I DO! :biggrin:

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