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Ammo - Exercised Restraint Today

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Stopped by my LGS on the way home from work today since I was in the area after running an errand. They've always had pretty good prices on guns. Looks like they're trying to make up for it on ammo. The ammo shelves were reasonably stocked with pretty much anything I'd want, but the prices were quite a bit higher than I'm willing to pay right now since I have a pretty good reserve built up from before the craziness.

22LR 550 pack: $75 (way too much)
Winchester "white box" .223 box of 20: $15 (eh)
Winchester "white box" .40 box of 100: $52 (no thanks)

If I really wanted to go shooting and not dip into my reserve, I might be willing to buy a box (except the .22), but I think I can wait a while longer.
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I walked out on a 100 round pack of 9mm (federal) for $55 today and I really want to shoot my shield. Also passed on a $36 - 50rnd box of .357mag and I really want to shoot the python. If 9mm wasn't such a SOB I would have a glock 19 right now because its tons of fun.
Someone pass me a tissue..
In Carson City I shop Walmart and Cal Ranch for ammo both reasonably priced with quantity limits 3 and 1 box respectively. Cal Ranch has gone a little goofy on some of their guns I saw a $699 Bushmaster and an $989 Wasr 10. I want an AK but not that bad.
My favorite LGS is beginning to consistently have some inventory, and prices are starting to inch down. 20 .223s $13, down from $15, green tip $15, down from $20. Box of 50 9s or40s about $23, can't remember what they got up to. They're a little short on some defensive ammo, but I have a pretty good stock bought before the panic from SGAmmo, except for some 147 grain HST I bought a couple of months ago. Just happened to look at SGAmmo's website, saw they had, snagged some, 10 minutes later it was all gone.
We're gonna' have to start publishing ammo availability & prices like the Daily Livestock Report. "Barrows & gilts up $.35 with .22 mag holding steady at $19.35."
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Brother in law bought a 100 round box of WWB, 9mm at China Mart for $24.99 a few weeks back.
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