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ammo thoughts

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I bought Federal hydashocks in 180 grain 40 s&W
I bought two boxes total - man...did they smoke the two liters full of water!
No, I didn't waste em they're pricey but, shot a couple of them to see the effect
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Yes, they do look impressive into media. I once impressed the heck outta a shooting newbie. He was bragging up how powerful his .44 mag was compared to my .40 S&W. We set up to shoot and I slipped in a Black talon into the mag. Compared to his flat nose , my BT tore up a gal. of water.
I would suggest running atleast a box or 2 to make sure they cycle flawlessly with out jamming in your gun. Expensive, yes, but your life is worth it.

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Most good HP's will (dramatically) open up in water and wetpack - but there is some doubt with some under conditions of thick clothing, whether expansion will be reliable.

Seems these days the EFMJ's could be a good answer as they are immune to clothing barriers and yet still appear to have pretty devastating expansion.

Steve Camp on has I think done some useful tests.

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We were issue Hydra in 9mm back in 1990. Then later on they took the 9mm and gave us .40 cal. They also gave us Hydra in .40 cal. Then about one year ago they issue us Gold Dot ammo. It's all good, we never had any problems with the Hydra or Gold Dot ammo in our Glocks and/or Sigs. The 9mm Hydra work great in our Colt SMG. No problems in full auto mode with the SMG. They took the SMG's away and give us the Rock River Arms A4 . Now it is .223 time.

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